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Pen Drive Courses Term's and Condition's
1. All the content of the app is copyrighted to Edudost.

2. User: Video class is for use of single User in single device.

3. Violation: Recording of classes, Multiple screening, any kind of projection or hacking is a punishable offence. If any person found guilty, we will completely block their classes and legal action will be taken against the liable party.

4. Mode Conversion: Conversion of Batch from Live to Pendrive classes or Vice versa is strictly prohibited. In exceptional cases (Medical emergency, major family issue etc), conversion shall be done with a charge of Rs.1000/Subject if the student submits the proof or medical Certificate.

5. Batch Transfer: Transfer of batch shall be allowed with a nominal charge of Rs 500 for material and amended classes.

6. Counting of Views: No of views for each lecture is 1.5 times which will be based on duration. For example, if a class is of 2 hours then you will be allotted 3 hours to complete that class. You may also close the class in between; views will not be counted for that.

7. Validity and Extension: Validity of classes are 6 months (180 days) from the date of activation, However in case of extension, Amount of Rs. 1000/Subject will be charged for 1 month of extension. No extra views will be given.

8. Reactivation or transfer of Lectures: In case of system crash/Format/any other reason which requires reactivation or transfer of class, there shall be a charge of Rs. 500.However, if the reason of System format/Crash found to be suspicious by our management team, necessary actions shall be taken accordingly.

9. Dispatch and Delivery: Usually it takes 2 days to dispatch the classes and 5-6 for it to be delivered. However, there might be delay in delivery in exceptional circumtances.

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